There Are Only Three Ways to Market Your Business

No Marketing Strategy

Many business owners wait for customers to come. You can never be in control of your revenues with the No Marketing strategy.

Transactional Marketing

This type of marketing (TV, Radio, Fliers, etc) suits big companies like Coca Cola, however, it’s bad news for small businesses.

Relationship Marketing

This marketing strategy allows you to build trust and influence your clients to buy again and again by creating a clients’ database.

There are only Three Types of Customer Traffic

The Traffic You Control is simply the traffic that comes to you because of some action you take: you buy an ad on the newspaper, a radio ad or a TV commercial. This is traffic you buy and direct it wherever you want it to go: to your website, to call your business, to a banner, a pay-per-click campaign, to submit a form or to apply for a gift certificate. This type of traffic is massively scalable, but it gets more and more expensive by the minute as it gets harder and harder to get the attention of consumers. You don’t want to be in this type of traffic for a long time. You will see why in a minute.

Traffic You Don’t Control could come from your social media pages, Yelp’s comments or or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This traffic is very erratical and you can’t depend on it unless you create a massive strategy to maximizer and make it a bit more consistent, however, you would still have no control over it. If you want predictability in your cash flow and profits, stay away from this type of traffic, unless you want to make it your business to harness it.

Traffic You Own is the Holly Grail of marketing. Business owners could cut off the middleman and own their customer traffic. Here’s the beauty of making an effort to build your own list: you develop a relationship with everyone on that list through automated messages that they eagerly await and read if the email marketing strategy is well executed. Imagine you have a list of one thousand on it and you need $20,000 dollars. You create an offer and sell it for $49,99. 400 (people) x $49.99 = $19,996. With 1000 people on your list, you should have no problem getting 400 people to buy a good $49,99 offer. If not, then something is killing your strategy.

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